General Aviation Projects

A small selection of some of the light aircraft engaged in over the years. Others include the Centaur Seaplane, ARV Super 2 and a WWI SE5A recreation. For similar projects refer to the microlights and rotary wing project galleries.

Classic structural design, analysis and optimisation of the +6/-3g Slingsby T67-M200 and -M260 composite wing spars. Calculation of Shear Force and bending moments from Aerodynamic lift distribution using the Schrenk method and inertia loads from weight distribution. Stresses derived from a combination of Engineers Theory of bending, torsion theory and pseudo composite material properties from manufacturers in-house data base.

Iterated spar section properties to achieve optimum strength for minimal weight.

Performed preliminary flutter analysis employing UK BCAR Section K certification guidelines.

Structural Finite Element Analysis on a 10g aerobatic aircraft engine frame modification for a world class aerobatic pilot.